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WhatsApp is one of the best messenger apps for Android, iOS and other smartphones. If you and your friends both have installed this app, you can chat with each other as much as you want in 3G or WiFi network. It’s now acquired by Facebook for $19 billion and being used by millions of people around the world.

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WhatsApp Review:

WhatsApp Messenger is known for the chatting and messaging service that lets you talk and share photos, videos and audio files with all your friends in contacts. It is a multiplatform application that you can enjoy on your iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone for less than a dollar and send free messages to all your friends no matter what operating system terminals.

With WhatsApp Messenger you will not have limits to talk and share what you like with your friends. The app uses your 3G or WiFi connection when possible to allow free chat with all your contacts. Whatsapp will not charge you a penny to keep chats with friends abroad, wherever you have Internet access, you'll have an open free to communicate with all your contacts, no matter how far they can be..

No need to configure WhatsApp Messenger to start chatting with anyone. Simply enter your phone number without logging in, or choose usernames, not even have to manually add your contacts as WhatsApp seamlessly integrates with your phone book and shows you a list of all your contacts have the application installed on their handsets. Like a SMS service is involved, WhatsApp is always active and connected. When your contacts send you a message, you will receive a notification to directly access the conversation.

In this instant messaging app you can create private groups with friends, or fellow students or work, or with family, to communicate with all of them at once and send videos, pictures and audio files to a set contact instead of one by one. Do not worry if you are not always connected, WhatsApp saves all messages that you receive when you have the mobile phone turned off or offline to show them to the Internet as soon as they recover.

 Also, you can customize your profile with a photo and a phrase status and choose an image to the bottom of the chat, access the message history, share your location on Google Maps, and send and receive contact information, among other options.

Main Features:

WhatsApp works with your phone number, just like SMS would, and integrates flawlessly with your existing phone address book. You don’t need to add your buddies again.

Send texts, photos, voice and videos to your friends and family.

There is no cost to send WhatsApp messages internationally.

App Author: Whatsapp Inc.

App Size: Varies with device

App Support: support@whatsapp.com

App Screenshot: