Saturday, August 17, 2013 - Pay Your Hospital Bill Online

Did you receive a hospital bill recently? If yes, you can now go to the website to pay it online from your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .

Just enter the User Name and Password printed on the bill to login your bill information. You need to have a valid credit card to make your payment online. You can also view your statement as a PDF file, update your insurance information, change your address or ask a general question.

The website is utilizing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, so feel free to using the online payment service. If you have any questions about your bill, call the Billing Questions Call shown on your bill.


  1. Okay, the log in screen for this company blows. If you make an error entering your account info or password even ONCE it locks you out. No help, no contact info, no support. zilch. I have this 12 digit/letter gibberish to enter and guess I made a mistake, and it won't let me try again, won't let me talk or email anyone. No explanation of what to do. Just "sorry you blew it and are locked out." Complete clown town.