Monday, July 29, 2013 - Activate HBO GO on Your Device

If you want to activate HBO Go on your Roku player, Samsung Smart TV or Xbox 360 Console, please go to the website and follow these steps.

1. Open HBO GO on your device to get your activation code.

2. Go to the website on your computer or mobile device and select the device you want to activate.

3. Select Your HBO Television Provider and sign in your HBO account with your username and password.

4. Enter the activation code you get from your device and click the Activate button to complete the process.

What HBO GO provides?

With HBO GO, you can stream your favorite HBO original series, movies and more on your device such as computer, laptop, select tablets, mobile devices, TV or Xbox 360 console. It is FREE with an HBO subscription. Get unlimited access to hundreds of HBO shows, including every episode of every season of the best of HBO, anytime, anywhere!


  1. Why can't they do something like Hulu plus and Netflix do? We don't have cable, but would be more than willing to pay a monthly fee for access to what HBO has. :/ Just a thought.

  2. If I had cable, what would be the point of having Roku? Too bad you don't allow access without cable.

  3. Exactly! Come on HBO! i want access :(

  4. very very confusing.where do i put activation code?